My Solo Trip to Santorini, Greece.

This is the second time i’ve had the pleasure of visiting this magical island. This is the first time i’ve made the trip solo and it was the most incredible experience. If you aren’t going alone, I would recommend going during the off season. If you’re riding solo, I would suggest going during peak season. Even paradise can get lonely. However, it does provide time for reflection and I would venture there are fewer more scenic and peaceful places to search for insight than the island of Santorini.

The Volcano Caldera

Day trips to the volcano are available at every travel booking kiosk on the island. If I remember correctly, the boat trip costs 20 USD. We left mid-morning and sped off across the bright blue Aegean Sea. For people who occasionally get sea sick or motion sickness, I would highly recommend taking a dramamine before starting on the boat ride. I took this trip in April and while the sun was warm, the wind was biting and I wished I had a light jacket for the boat as well. The first stop took us on a hike up the active volcano, where you have the option of following a guided tour or branching out on your own. After our time was up we headed to the hot spring located on the other side of the volcano. You are then expected to jump your happy butt into the freezing cold sea and swim to the lukewarm “hot springs”. I can’t pass on things like this but I don’t think you would miss out on much if you choose to.



Here’s the heavenly paradise you’ve always dreamt of. When you think of Oia, you probably envision the lovely town of Oia. I stayed here for 3 nights in the most beautiful hotel overlooking the water. Each night I watched the famous sun set over the majestic blue sea and each night I felt a sense of freedom and clarity that I haven’t quite experienced before or since. There’s a crystal shop in the old town run by an amazing woman with long silver hair. She helped me create a one of a kind bracelet and sat and spoke with me for some time. Her family has been on that island for generations and she spends her days making jewelry with the most scenic views in the background. This island holds a special place in my mind and heart.


Black Beach

Alright, you must visit this beach. This is the coolest beach i’ve ever been to, it’s cooler than me, it’s cooler than you. It’s a black beach…with crystal blue hues of sea stretching out for as far as the eye can see. Keep in mind, it’s a black beach…and while black is super cool, it’s also very hot. You’ll be fine, as you can see there are plenty of umbrellas and cabanas. Just bring your cheap rubber flops in case they melt.


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