Colorado Bend State Park

This past Tuesday my roommate found out he’d been let go from his high-turnover sales job. He woke me up, to which I responded with annoyance until discovering he came bearing P.Terrys breakfast goodies. I hijacked the bag and made my way downstairs to the kitchen to scavenge for some condiments in the fridge. I jumped on my laptop, like I always do in the morning, and checked in on some of my responsibilities while doing work on my free egg sandwich.

Long story short, once the free food and coffee settled in I began to think clearly. If you don’t have to go to work today… that means we can go on an adventure. Thus a mid day adventure was set into motion. We did a little bit of a research and settled on Colorado Bend State Park, specifically Gormon Falls.

The drive from Austin is about an hour and a half if you don’t stop for Taco Bell and wine at various grub factories along the way. I also got distracted by a goat farm that I insisted on backtracking to investigate. After all, what’s a roadtrip without a pitstop at your local goat farm?

Alright, now we’re getting to the good stuff. If you’re like us, you’ll be arguing over who gets to charge their phone and control the Spotify playlist when you lose all signal and become hopelessly lost. Like all great stories, you’ll be coming to a fork in the road at this point.  And like all great heroes and heroines, you’ll go left. Then you’ll just follow that road to Gormon Falls. Typical story line.

There’s a catch, it cost 5 bucks per person. At this point, you have 5 hours of sunlight left, no service and you’ll probably be regretting that Taco Bell. Just enclose the money in an envelope upon which you’ve written personal information like your name and date of birth. Finally you arrive at a gate in the middle of nowhere, park and begin your journey.

The majority of the hike to the falls is flat and somewhat downhill. The landscape is desert-y and there are cacti everywhere. I personally love this particular terrain and so I was enthralled the entire time. Be aware that the path can get a bit un-beaten at times and once you near the fall it becomes very rocky. We walked out on a rock ledge jutting out over a lush green forest and a view of the waterfall. This was probably dangerous but the photo brought in a decent amount of likes on Instagram so do with that what you will.

After this point, the trail got slightly treacherous. Very rocky ,very downhill. However, there is a hand-rail/fence but it’s made of wire and not very useful. At the bottom you finally get to the damn water fall. It’s  beautiful and tranquil but not very gushy and you can’t go swimming in it. There’s a very prominent sign that forebodes you from swimming, climbing or even looking at the waterfall the wrong way.

Alright, we attempt to go a different route to Gormon Springs because we were under the incorrect assumption that all springs are meant to be swam in. This particular spring is a little bit of a mossy cesspool. After this we took two paths to head home both of which had signs claiming to lead back to the fall but were in fact dead ends. Cut forward 1 hour, we walked along the gravel road for 3 miles until we arrived back at the car.

Online something somewhere claims it’s a 3 mile walk from the parking lot to the fall and back. We got lost numerous times and my Apple Watch claimed it was a total of 5.5 miles. I’m not certain which is more reliable. I really enjoyed it overall but don’t expect a swimming hole and maybe don’t go to the so-called springs.

3.5/5. Would recommend to a friend.





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